Our Story

An inherited tradition

Tapa Interior Designs was founded in 2012 by the current directors but their relationship with wood has endured for much longer.

For the founders, who are sons of a professional carpenter and who had wood as their only ‘toys’, Tapa Interior Designs is the manifestation of a childhood dream. The only exception is that whilst playing with wood at tender ages helped the directors nourish a natural inclination and make a profession from it – the craft is nothing to play with. We invest our pride into all the projects that we are involved in and we’re driven to consistently produce excellent results. This is why we are thriving in highly a competitive niche.

Client satisfaction is our priority

For the team at Tapa Interior Designers each project we are contracted to do is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise. We are very detail oriented, creative and open minded which is why we’re able to make our clients’ visions for their spaces a reality. We understand the importance of good communication in our field of work and we make sure that we are attentive to the needs of our clients and that we maintain a cooperative spirit in the process of meeting our clients’ needs. Additionally, as a company whose services are in demand, we place high importance on managing time and projects efficiently so that we are able to meet set deadlines for project completions and to maintain good relationships with our clients.
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